Magid Air Museum’s 2nd Annual Air Show

The theme of MAM’s second annual airshow is BIPLANES

Participants include: a new production WACO YMF Classic

This aircaft looks “vintage” but is in current production by the WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation (founded in 1983 as the Classic Aircraft Corporation and located in Battle Creek, Michigan)








MARCH 1st 2011

The first Airshow staged by the Magid Air Museum concluded today.

The event showcased the MAM’s collection but guest appearances by airworthy planes included a number of performers from the Commemorative Air Force: a Stearman biplane operated by Margi Stives (the wing-walker), three Taylorcraft “Grasshoppers”, and a De Havilland Vampire jet


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Magid Air Museum: Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the MAM will be March 1st 2011